Tartan Funds - Series Two
Lending and Real Estate Fund

Series II – A lending and real estate combined strategy (the “lending and real estate series”) designed to achieve high yield and/or growth of capital. The series will engage in the business of making loans secured by deeds of trust that encumber real estate and/or other real assets. To the extent the affiliated investment advisor believes it to be in the best interests of the series, it may:

(i) also make construction loans for the purpose of constructing various types of non-owner occupied residential and/or commercial properties, which construction loans would be subject to a construction loan agreement and be secured by such properties;

(ii) take equity positions in a transaction either as a lead or in syndication to increase yields and future growth or to reduce further the risk to the lending and real estate series;

(iii) acquire acceptable properties in distressed positions or with upside potential and cash flows.

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